Apr 30, 2013

List Eruption 2 review

list eruption 2.0

Not sure how to get more sub­scribers to your list? jus read this post, in this List Erup­tion 2 review I will intro­duce to you an out­stand­ing plu­gin for list build­ing - List Erup­tion 2. With this plu­gin, you can get oth­ers to help you build your list! Word­Press plu­g­ins like List Erup­tion 2 allow you to cre­ate a unique refer­ral URL for those who wants to help you build you list. So, why will they want to help you? Incen­tives, of course. With List Erup­tion 2, you can setup incen­tives such as train­ing courses for some­one who has referred 10 sub­scribers, or pre­mium ebooks for some­one with 30 sub­scribers, or first per­son to reach 100 refer­rals wins a iPhone even. These offers can moti­vate oth­ers to help you build your list endless.

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Apr 30, 2013

Viral Optins review

Viral Optins banner

Viral Optins review

Straight­for­wardly, “the money is in the list” and in this Viral Optins review I’m going to intro­duce a good one for this pur­pose — Viral Optins from Wilco de Kreij.

Some fea­tures to look at

Prod­uct Name:  Viral Optins

Cre­ator:  Wilco de Kreij

Focus on:  List Building

Offi­cial Web­site:

Launch Date:  April 30th  2013 at 10 am EST Con­tinue reading »

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List Eruption 2.0 in action

See List Eruption 2.0 in action

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